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Over the years I have started trying to let my hobbies pay for themselves. Then the IRS decided they wanted part of the proceeds. At first I was disappointed, then I totaled up my expenses. On a good year "Miller Interprizes" does little better than breaking even. Most years I end up with a deduction for my "business."

watch you step the page going reconstructive surgery....



Ever wonder what I am currently up to?
Check My FaceBook Business page
my FaceBook page to see.


I shared a booth at Kansas City Comic Con with Alicia of
Seams Legit
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Lyle's handy work

I was asked about some of woodworking projects

Here are a few samples

Woodworking Sample page

An earlier sample repurposing broken boards

I had to add my fiberglass work

Here are a few samples


Showing off my mold making experience.

Here are a few mold samples


HTML comment
For what it is worth I create my website HTML in Notepad and tweak it in the generic text editor on Host Monstet


You can e-mail me at
Somehow the e-mail got left off of the most recent batch of the business cards :(

links to friends, cohorts, and acquaintances pages. This gets updated more often than anything else.
Added Never Forgotten on 25 August 2015
Added Infinite Tan on 25 August 2015

birds at the lake.html

Chain Maile Armor

In August of 2016 I decided to do an update for 2015
This is a few samples

2015 Sample page

Patience is a Virtue
Chain Maile Armor is lesson in patience
That does not mean those who knit chain maile are virtuous... :)

chain maile armor and jewelry
This photo is compliments of KSIMagery

Birds of Prey at the Lake of the Ozarks

One day an acquaintance made a comment that made me decide it was time to have some fun at the Lake of the Ozarks, with a few friends.
We invite a Master Falconer, models, and photographers for a weekend at the lake...
Here are just a few of the images. R
2014 - Spring 2016 Birds of Prey Photo Shoot

More stuff

As Ren Fest performer I am in alot of pictures, but see only few
Some strange friends got together to the pictures we wanted.
It is sort of an annual event, in 2009 the Birds of Prey joined us :)

2009 Birds of Prey Photo Shoot

Taekwondo Studios produce broken boards
Ever wonder what can be done with them?

broken boards

I now have four major hobbies. Depending on how much my body aches the importance of each changes... Tae Kwon Do, Renaissance Festivals, Chain Maile Armor, and Wood working.

Ever wonder what I am currently up to? Check my My FaceBook page to see.

Ever wonder what to do with those prized broken boards? I use broken boards from practice and testing in Taekwondo to make things from belt racks to furniture to drinking mugs.

The armorer's wood working homepage.

A friend I met thru the Barbarians has started a photography business, K S Imagery. I do not a great deal about photography, but I know what I like. He has great work. Right or wrong way to say it, his theme shoots have an edge that hits like a hammer. I will soon be posting Kevin's photography of my maile and Jen McC. Check out his work at KSIMagery and KSIMagery on MM

Motaku, an anime fest in Kansas City. It is off to a promising start! was there to vend. See some samples of what I had at at Motaku 2009. Local celebrity guest was WendyWanda.

Anime Fest Wichita 2009 (AFW5) Planning...

Anime Fest Wichita 2009 (AFW5) the booth

Then comes the actual... Anime Fest Wichita 2009 (AFW5) setup...
Lessons learned from AFW4...
It was a good show, this page was put together at the back end of the trip home... :)
Many thanks to those who came to play. Many thanks to those who came to buy. :)

Have I mentioned I love my pony? I love my pony page

A few shots from the trip to Megacon 2009. SciFi, anime, and comic books and people dressed to match. :)

My "business" manages to touch part of all of them.
On the 25th of October 2008, I tested for first degree black belt. Just a few pictures from the testing session.

On the 16th of November 2008, Kos Black Belt Academy had the Black Belt Presentation Ceremony. Just a few pictures from the ceremony.

I use broken boards from practice and testing in Tae Kwon Do to make things from Tankards to furniture.

I get paid for performing in several Renaissance Festivals. The Texas Renaissance Festival is the Mecca of ren fests; I consider it a training weekend..

I wanted a better chain maile shirt than I could afford so I started making chain maile armor and jewelry.

A friend called upon my woodworking skills, engineering degree, and manufacturing experience to reduce tooling cost and improve the efficiency of his molded weapon production. Until The Barbarian's untimely death I made most of the weapon models and molds for the Barbarian Battles, LLC. Success and projects there has gotten me started on much more detailed work. The first samples of those are on the same page.

Take a look at Just Off Broadway Theatre productions with audience participation.


The obligatory links page...

below is the old home page.... or what I'm got changed around...

Greetings and Salutations,

If you have come looking for Miller Interprizes you have scrolled down just a bit to far...

What follows is my old home page.

Welcome to my humble home page, it will probably still be under construction, so watch your step, don't want anyone getting hurt.

This is a frest start for a page full of my recent hobbies and (from the old web page)  aircraft, family, and friends from days gone by.

I took up performing at Renaissance festivals in 1999. I intend to add some pictures... later is more likely than sooner....

I played a little more with the idea of retouching photographs. Osan's F-16s fly by home in Iowa.

Top Reasons for creating a web site:
- 5. Pick up line "Got Milk" wasn't working. Want to try "I've got my own web site."
- 4. It looks good on the resume.
- 3. My pet rock needed a friend.
- 2. It was either this or get a life.
- 1. You can't claim to be a computer geek without one.

There is a difference between a house and a home. I have found a home at King of Kings Lutheran Church.

Rules: Everybody's got some I've decided to post my House Rules.

Star Fleet Battles: Probably the most complicated Tactics and Strategy game available. My copy of the rule book fills three, two inch binders; then there are the ships. If you think you have what it takes to command a star ship... Reality is for people who can't handle Star Fleet Battles

I welcome any comments and advice. My address is:

The Armorer"

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