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I started making furniture out of broken boards in order to clear out the space in garage. The first project was an 9 foot long bench at Ko's Academy, then came the shoe cubbie, the chin up bar and school sign, and clock. Along the line came belt racks, drinking glasses & tankards, shelves, and a few other strange ideas (some of which will probably never see the public). I have moved along to make a few things not involving the Taekwondo studio...

I have nearly finished the platter for my friend Gandalf the Mostly Gray...

as it sits on the table saw

wait a minute, it is bigger than mine

gets it first coating butcher block oil

I have started preparing for my booth at Anime Fest Wichita. I needed a cash box and display stands for product

Have you ever tried to set up a rack of ribs for the smoker and had to deal with the rack being bigger than anything you have to set them on? As long as I stick to pork ribs I think I have come up with the answer.
Of course it is a variant of the typical butcher block, made from boards donated by young friends...

This afternoon it should get it's first use... :)

Getting ready for AFW5, I needed a better way to transport Hook Earring with getting all mixed up...
...or in lots of small containers...
...or bending the hookes.
Her is my 2009 solution:

Now I need to get them filled... :)

After many years I realized onions keep better on the counter than in the fridge.
I copied the design of antique egg crates to make an onion box

Mom explained what she wants to be able to see spices in the cupboard

Picture frame for Master Steve Oh

work in progress and finished before presenting it to him. This is the same style frame as used for the Black Belt Certificate.

My "split shelves... the back of the support is one broken board. The center piece is just the way it was broken. The idea is still in prototype.

Bench at Ko's Academy

Bench legs, a work in progress

Bench, a work in progress

Shoe Cubby at Ko's Academy

Fourth Generation of Belt Rack

Detail of joint of fourth generation of belt rack

Second generation of belt rack made for mother and daughter

Brochure Rack at Ko's Academy

Juice glasses

Shot Glasses made from broken boards

Tankards given at Grand Master Ko's 60th Birthday Party

Tankard with Handle

Knick Knack Shelf

Soon I hope to upload images of the models I've made for the Barbarian Battles weapons.

What can I make for you?

I welcome any request, comments, and advice. My address is:

The Armorer"

15 Aug 2009; added pictures of the platter for Gandalf the mostly Gray
2 Jul 2009; added pictures of cash box and ear ring displays
4 Jan 2009; added pictures of the onion box
3 Jan 2009; added pictures of spice rack for Mom
28 Dec 2008; added the pictures of Master Steve's Christmas present
13 Nov 2008; added the pictures of a prototype decorative shelves
13 Nov 2008; fixed a problem with underlining
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