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Anime Fest Wichita 2009, aka AFW5, has wrapped up. I did not see much more than my little vending booth. But let me say, life is good. :)

I learned some important lesson at AFW4... I got some of them correct for AFW5. :)

Lesson #1: there is no substitute for a friendly staff..

Lesson #2: encourage audience participation....

Lesson #3: give the audience what it wants

Lesson #4: take photo opportunitistic advantage of the mascott..

Lesson #5: Haggle over prices!

Lesson #5b: Haggle over prices can include exchange of service, for example spokes model!

Lesson #5c: If one is good two is better!

Lesson #6: Proper packaging is a must!

Lesson #7: Obtain advertising space for next year!

Lesson #8: Sell people what they want!

Lesson #9: Be there when you staff sells the maile off their back...
...shame I was late for that shot!

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