House Rules

(Not Necessarily in Order of Importance)

- Help yourself, no else is going to

- If you don't see it ask, If I don't have it, I'll say so

- Make sure the flue is open before using the fireplace

- If you don't like the music, pick something else

- Return the seat to the full upright position

- When in doubt, go with both

- Napkins? See the roll marked: "Paper Towels"

- Yes, it is acceptable to soak up gravy with a roll

- That's not a bone, it's a handle

- Dessert? Oops

- If your nose doesn't run, the wings weren't hot

- Not even Grandma gets to eat over the doily

- Maybe I'll get the place decorated next year

- Food groups include:
-- Barbecued
-- Nuked
-- Baked
-- Deep Fat Fried (includes hot oil popcorn)
-- Raw
-- Other

- Kim Chee sometimes available, only by request

- It isn't the Teflon coming off. It just needs cleaning

- Yes, It is my very own gallon of milk

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